Description of the project


The WINDBARRIERS project aims at gathering up to date and comprehensive information on the administrative and grid access barriers that obstruct the development of wind energy in Europe.

It will quantify lead times for projects installed in the last 12 months, both onshore and offshore, across EU 27. The data gathered covers inter alia the timeframe for getting the necessary permits, the costs linked to the process, the number of actions involved, the success and failure rate of the applications etc. The data is obtained from national wind energy associations, major utilities and project developers active in the EU.

The final publication (foreseen summer 2010) will be a toolkit for policy makers to reduce administrative and grid access barriers, at EU and national level. The recommendations will be disseminated by the consortium. This will be done through the organisation of workshops in 5 EU countries, out of which 3 in new Member States.

The project results are also available via this website.