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5 tips to increase the motivation of your employees

Motivated employees are employees with the best work performance. Do you want to increase the effectiveness and productivity at your workplace? Then take care of motivated employees. We have listed the 5 best tips to increase the motivation of your employees.

A nice workplace

Everyone naturally works better in a pleasant and ergonomic workplace. You can work effectively here and you will not be distracted by external factors. In addition to comfortable office furniture, good lighting of the workplace is crucial. Provide sufficient daylight through large windows, or use LED panels in the absence of daylight. With sufficient light in the workplace you stay alert and motivated. This does not only apply to the offices but also to the lighting of the storage location where work is being done.

Team spirit

Employee motivation increases when there is a common goal. Of course you work better when you are all working towards a goal than when you are on your own. Ensure a good team spirit to increase motivation. You encourage the team spirit by organizing fun activities in addition to working hours, such as team building activities. Thanks to a good team feeling, employees are more motivated to go for it together.


When hard work is rewarded, it is a lot more attractive to work harder. A bonus scheme is the perfect solution for more motivation in the workplace. Hard work is being done because this yields something. Of course there may always be something opposed to improved motivation.

Growth opportunities

Employees lose their motivation when there is little incentive in the workplace. By allowing growth opportunities, the staff remains motivated. You can construct opportunities for growth within the company, but you can also compensate opportunities for growth such as studies for staff growth. Development is important for the motivation of your employees.


One way to improve motivation is to make the opportunity for promotion clearer. Hard work is not only rewarded by a nice bonus, but also a promotion is an option. When several employees are interested in the same promotion, the motivation to put the best foot forward increases.


Do you also want to work for your company with a motivated team of employees? Make sure there are enough options to be and stay motivated. A good workplace is of course number one. But there are also plenty of external factors, such as the chance of a bonus or promotion, that increase motivation. Create a perfect team spirit so that everyone can work with pleasure and with sufficient motivation. Motivated employees are the best employees.