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SportMonks data feeds: football, formula 1 and more

Are you looking for a good API provider specialized in sport data feeds? SportMonks provides quick and reliable sports data at an affordable price. On their website you’ll find various API’s, such as a football API, Formula 1 API, Cricket API and Basketball API. 


Founded in 2016 SportMonks is known for With more than 6000 members of the Monks Community utilizing their service within the first year, the success of SportMonks was inevitable. By providing the best API’s available, which are easily implemented using well structured JSON responses, SportMonks grew tremendously within a relatively short time frame. All the while, they never lost sight of their main focus: providing excellent support to the Monks Community.


Although data feed provisions are currently most focused on football, more sports will soon follow. For instance, Formula 1 and Cricket are already available to the public and Basketball is in private beta. The goal of SportMonks is to offer sports data for a wide array of sports. But for now, we’ll go a little more in-depth into the football API.


Football data feeds

The SportMonks football API is especially interesting if you have a website or app that revolves around the sport, as the API provides high quality real-time football data. For example, the Livescore API provides live data feeds of matches and returns metrics such as goals, cards, substitutions and minutes, but it can also include line-ups, stats, comments, odds, and many other features. SportMonks API’s are always live and up to date and game events are reflected with almost no delay. The API is easily implemented on your own website, using well structured JSON responses. But more importantly, due to its sleek design it is easy to read and understand and therefore incredibly user-friendly; this will work favourably towards a high return traffic on your website.


SportMonks customer support

Customer support is essential when working with API providers. When you experience issues or have a problem, you want to be helped as quickly as possible. Fortunately, SportMonks recognizes the importance of customer service and is known for their Fast & Friendly Support Desk. Clients can contact the Support Desk via e-mail, but also through several Social Media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Currently SportMonks is also developing a chatbot support system called “Sporty”, which will be able to answer frequently asked questions. Thus, it is safe to say that one can easily get in touch with SportMonks’ excellent Customer Support Desk.


More information? 

Are you interested in working with SportMonks or are you curious about their API’s? Check out their website for more information. You can also contact their Fast & Friendly Support Desk, should any questions arise or just to have friendly chat, they will be happy to help either way!