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An innovative heated circulating water bath for your projects

If you are looking for an innovative solution for liquid heating in a laboratory or other setting, PolyScience knows what you need! The heated circulating water baths they have designed uphold their positive reputation on innovation, product quality, and heating expertise. The intuitive machines make sure you know exactly how to heat your liquids in the best possible way. Whether you are looking for a simple Immersion Circulator or an economical Open Bath System that has a full-feature heated circulating water bath – PolyScience has it for you!

Maximum safety with the solutions from these experts

Do you need a heated circulating water bath, but do you want one from the leading producers in constant temperature control equipment? PolyScience is the partner for you! These experts have been providing the industry with innovative temperature control solutions for customers worldwide. One of their products is the heated circulating water bath which is available in forty different models. Each unit is simple to operate, easily installable, quick to maintain, and will provide your laboratory with years of reliable and accurate heating mechanisms. In addition, the heated circulating water bath is also energy-saving. Every machine complies to the RoHS, WEEE, IEC 61010-1, IEC 61010-2-010, and DIN 12876 guidelines. In addition, every heated circulating water both is CE and ETL certified. In other words, maximum safety is guaranteed.

Decide whether you need a bespoke or standard solution for your laboratory

Do you need a bespoke heated circulating water bath which is tailor-made to perfectly fit your purposes in the laboratory? Or do you want a standardized model to use for miscellaneous kinds of projects? Make sure to contact PolyScience to receive more information about the possibilities. You can contact these experts with your inquiries or explore the possibilities on their website, where you can find several finished projects.