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Benefits Of Outdoor Meetings

Meetings have been named one of the top tasks completed in the workplace, that more times than not is deemed a waste of time or wasn’t required. However, that doesn’t stop them being scheduled and the fact that some are extremely useful.

Being in an office job means you’re indoors all day every day, even when the meeting comes around, you’ll be jumping into the next room. Office work is vital but can feel closed off from the outside.

Stepping away from the ordinary can inject some life into a meeting, so next time, why not consider heading outdoors?

Outdoor meetings are an unusual, but innovative way of working & have been tried and tested over the last few years. With just the suggestion, there’s also logistics, seating and the pros and cons to consider. This is where we can help.

In terms of furniture, you really don’t need a lot. It can be as simple as a picnic bench or taking some indoor furniture outside. Being minimalist and just going with the flow rather than the corporate way could energise the full team.

Nature and Being Out In The Open

Whilst outside you can reap the rewards of fresh air that otherwise would be unreachable from the office space. Just breathing in fresh air is enough to put you in a good mood. Being closer to nature and hearing the birds and enjoying scenery is another very positive reason to head outdoors.

In addition, nature and the outdoorsy feel can reduce anxiety and stress levels which we’ve all felt whilst in the work place at one point or another.

Walk and Talk

An unconventional choice, but walking, exercise and being outdoors releases endorphins and some feel good hormones. A great way to bounce of one another, brainstorm, discuss ideas and thoughts all while being motivated by the exciting change of scenery.

Fewer Distractions

With mobile phones, internet and social media readily available at the tip of our fingers, the outdoors strip back to basic and allows us to really connect. With just yourselves and some notepads, you’ll be present and ready to tackle the meeting agenda ahead.