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Nuclear Medicine Radiation Shielding Solutions

Nuclear medicine is a rapidly evolving discipline, with advances in technology, diagnostic techniques, and therapeutic applications. Radiopharmaceuticals are produced, researched, and administered in various settings, including hospitals, universities, and research institutions. 

As the use of radiation oncology becomes more prevalent, so does the need for shielding. Many shielding devices are explicitly designed for the nuclear medicine sector. Some of the most popular shielding products used in a lab or hospital are listed below.

Cabinets and Storage Containers with Lead Lining

A lead-lined cabinet is a popular product in the nuclear medicine business. Radioactive waste, isotopes, radiopharmaceuticals, and other items are stored in these specifically constructed cabinets or containers. 

The shielding in these containers may range from a fraction of an inch to more than two inches.

The lead within the cabinet is completely encased in steel and is produced by either putting sheet lead inside the steel cabinet or casting lead inside the steel cabinet. 

A similar process is used to make lead-lined storage and garbage containers. These items are typically observed in hospitals and laboratories because they enable simple radioisotopes while also shielding humans from radiation exposure. Radiation leakage is prevented by using specially constructed doors and apertures.

L Blocks and Lead Brick Caves

When working with radioisotopes in the lab, it’s critical to keep the safety of the lab workers in mind. Lead brick caves may be painted and are made of an ordinary lead brick. Lead bricks may be a helpful shielding to have around the lab for simple setup and customization of workspace while also giving sufficient radiation protection.

L-Blocks can have up to 2″ of lead shielding and a lead glass window with up to 8″ of glass. Workers’ front and faces are shielded from radiation while still seeing what they’re working on. L-Blocks are iron fabrications with a lead lining.

Designs made to order

In many cases, a typical off-the-shelf product will not function in a laboratory environment. All of the items listed above may be modified to suit specific size, shielding, and other design requirements. 

We have worked with numerous clients as materials specialists and shielding architects at NuclearShields to create bespoke shielding that suits them best. Suppose you’d like to learn more about the shielding options. In that case, NuclearShield can provide, visit the NuclearShields website or contact us directly, and we’ll help you discover the appropriate radiation shielding solution.