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EPR System with State Funding in Germany

Your new ERP System with State Funning in Germany

The introduction of an ERP system is a major task for many companies. The funds required for this are often not financially feasible. This is where the federal and state funding programs come to the rescue. With the help of funding, companies in all industries have direct access to funds. With it, you implement an ERP system, optimize inventory management and automate processes. The benefits are significant and quickly make themselves felt in the company.

What are the advantages of a funded ERP system?

Inventory management in particular is prone to complex processes. These are often necessary, but consume many resources and are expensive. Customers and suppliers often notice this only marginally, but this represents a considerable additional burden for the entrepreneur. An ERP system enables an innovative approach to known problems and allows for improved and automated inventory management. Employees notice this in their daily work in the warehouse as well as at the cash registers. Suppliers and customers alike benefit from better conditions, faster processing of work and more effective planning. A warehouse with a clear system and many processes that are as highly automated as possible are now finally made possible by an ERP system. The only question is how the company can take this big step.

Take advantage of the consulting and promotion.

The starting point for the implementation of an ERP system begins with the purchase of the services of an external consultant. This is because management alone is often not in a position to initiate the necessary steps. In addition, management should concentrate on its core tasks in day-to-day business and not be burdened with additional tasks as a result of the implementation. If a support program is to be used, then free advice should be sought in advance. Small and medium-sized companies in particular benefit from the expertise of external specialists and can thus acquire important skills. Management can be relieved and devote itself to its core tasks. A look at the figures shows that this approach can make perfect sense: Although purchasing external consulting services, including software and hardware, costs a considerable amount, in the long term the costs are significantly lower. So in the beginning, there is always a high investment that pays off in the long run and leads to low follow-up costs. With an additional ERP subsidy for the introduction of the ERP system, you as an entrepreneur benefit twice and can also secure yourself financially.

New ERP System to control the flow of goods brings the desired success

Digitization should not only be considered on the cost side. The first positive side effects of digitization will already be noticeable in the medium term. And suppliers as well as customers will also benefit from the significantly faster processes. The company can continue to optimize its offering even more and thus manage and use the company’s existing resources much more effectively. The introduction of an ERP System also enables the precise recording of the company’s financial and, above all, goods flows. This gives the business owner more options to control and shape their business. A company with a digital ERP and enterprise resource planning system gains further positive effects on very many levels. Just by collecting all relevant data, new opportunities can be found and realized. The new system provides a significant improvement in the daily work at all levels of the company and thus allows for the release of new potentials and creates many new opportunities to exist in the market or to expand the market share. With an ERP support program, the company additionally protects itself against the burden of high costs.