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iTunes promotion for starting musicians


Do you want to get your music promoted on iTunes for more downloads and get your tracks placed on the iTunes Top Charts? Whether you are a beginner struggling to get heard or an established artist looking for an extra boost, we can help you to improve your stats as an artist and get the most exposure for your hard work of music. Getting promotion on this platform will give your tracks not only downloads, but popularity and revenue from your music royalties as well! 

Why iTunes promotion?

The iTunes Store, created by Apple, has become the largest music vendor in the world since 2012. Right now it’s music charts are one of the most famous music charts around the globe, providing a natural advertising platform to thousands of potential listeners. It has sold more than 40 billion songs to date and a catalogue containing 50 million numbers and counting. As an Artist it’s hard to conquer a place on iTunes to stand out. With our promotion on iTunes you will have a bigger chance on global recognition, reputation, and enjoy the rewards and royalty from using our music promotion services.

Reach your audience While most of online music promotion tools will generate virtual reputation, this service is intended to directly impact on the organic discovery of your music. The promoted music will also be shown in all the music charts that collect information about iTunes Top Charts, boosting the exposure not only to the potential audience, but major music distributors, discographies and music producers.

iTUnes promotion service from StreamKo Do you want to improve your stats in your iTunes? StreamKO delivers downloads to your tracks. Increase iTunes popularity. Get into the chart of Spotify and Itunes. Increase your music exposure actively!Give your song a maximum exposure with our iTunes promotion service. Our network of affiliates can promote your music to more than 70,000 different people all around the globe, providing a legit and fast service. With over 9 year experience we have a great understanding how the musical market has evolved and how it will move forward in the years to come. With our high quality and constantly improving services we are THE company to promote your great music!

If you are unsure about the best course of action, let us help you. Contact us if you need help about the appropriate action plan that you need to take. We’ll be happy to serve you the promotion that fits you. assist you.

How does it works? Ordering iTunes downloads takes a minute and then you can sit back and our team takes care of the rest. Our large partner network can deliver huge amounts of downloads in short time. Totally unique users will download your tracks. In this time the popularity of your track will grow, what could turn into more iTunes streams. All downloads are absolutely real and eligible for royalties.

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