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Order a high-quality heated circulating water bath online

When working in a laboratory, you have several types of equipment you need. Think about microscopes, bunsen burners, calorimeters, reagent bottles and tube testers. Are you in need of new lab equipment? Then you best get in contact with PolyScience. They are a leading producer of constant temperature control equipment, like a heated circulating water bath. They offer innovative temperature control solutions for customers world-wide since 1963. When in need of a circulating water bath, you choose from almost 50 different solutions to your laboratory’s liquid heating needs. The latest generation PolyScience heated circulating water baths uphold the reputation for innovation, product quality and heating expertise.

Choose between different solutions

What type of water bath are you looking for? At Prolyse BV you will definitely find the best option. From a simple immersion circulator to economical open bath systems to full-featured circulating baths with ramp and soak capability: they have it all. Typical applications include:

  • Thawing or tempering samples
  • Warming of reagents and culture media
  • Cell culture
  • Biological incubation
  • Enzyme assays
  • Controlling the temperature of laboratory equipment such as chromatography columns, viscometers, and densitometers

Receive a quick service

Prolyse BV distinguishes itself with its organizational capacity and strong after-sales service. They take all the support issues seriously and provide timely responses. They truly want to understand what their customers need and expect. When in need of a heated circulating water bath, they are also happy to inform and advice you about the different types they offer. They always think together with their customer and go for the best possible result and are always reachable for support.


Get in contact with this company

Ordering your heated circulating water bath from this company is also attractive, because you pay no shipping costs on orders above 500 euros. Discover their assortment and place your order easily online. Give them a call for more information.