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What’s worse, alcohol or weed?

An ongoing discussion that people have been having for years is about what’s worse (or better) for you, alcohol or weed? You and your friends probably also had this discussion and then you know that it almost always ends in disagreement. The discussion is a bit similar to the way people have been discussing if Apple or Android is better. Android fans always say that Apple is the worst but Apple fans say the same about Android. Just like the weed versus alcohol discussion, people who rather use weed say that alcohol is the worst but alcohol consumers say the same about weed. The differences are the arguments that people use. For example, alcohol lovers say that weed is more addictive but research has shown this is not the case. But due to the little amount of research done on weed this isn’t 100% certain. In this article we’re taking a deeper look in the side-effects that weed and alcohol can have on you, so if you’re interested you can keep on reading!


The side effects

If you want to try out weed, you have to be careful and make sure that what you’re using is weed with a high quality. Many people also doubt between using weed or hash. Even though there is not much of a difference, both are made from the same plant and provide you with an enjoyable and relaxing feeling, but you still have to be careful. Weed and hash are made from the same plant but weed is the dried flower itself and hash is the compressed resin of the flower, but both can trigger panic attacks and anxiety. If you’re already struggling with these, you have to be extra careful when consuming weed or hash. 

When taking another look at the weed or alcohol debate, both can worsen your mental and physical complaints when you’re under the influence. If you already experience a lot of anxiety, panic attacks or other psychological complaints, you have to be cautious when using weed and alcohol. Worth mentioning as well is that both can cause memory-loss and are not good for your heart. It’s also possible that they can make you feel aggressive but the changes of this happening are a lot bigger when you’re consuming alcohol. 

Ordering online

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