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Discover charming Christmas wholesale products

As a wholesale specialist in Christmas decorations, Timstor has been the leading store in Europe for many years. While they originally mainly focused on Christmas houses and even full villages, they have since then evolved their range of products. If you are a store owner, you now get to choose between thousands of figurines and lights that fit perfectly in your store.

Light up your shop window

You most likely want your store to stand out during the holiday season, which is exactly why you should check out this Christmas wholesale. They have dozens of different light boxes, strings and bulbs in all the colours of the rainbow. Do you like a cooler blue colour to mirror the glowing snow outside? Or is a light string in the classic Christmas colours more your style? Whatever your preferences or aesthetic, you will always find something you like in this store! The friendly employees from Timstor in Arendonk will guide you through the different options, when you stop by their physical store. Do you not live nearby? Or is a trip to Belgium simply too far? No need to worry, because these specialists also have their own webshop: There you can browse as long as you need to find the perfect lights for your store. Once you decide to order, these experts will send your order to you as quickly as possible. This way the package is sure to arrive on time for the holidays!

Place your order today

There is no better time than the present to order your Christmas lights from this wholesale specialist. Go take a look at their whole range of figurines and trinkets to decorate your shop with. Who knows you will find even more charming products for your shop window. For more information about the shipping or online ordering, you can always send them an email.